Monday, October 8, 2012

Updated decor

This is one of Stampin' Up's retired decor elements.  I've had it for a very (very) long time.  I had this document frame in my craft room closet just waiting for a project and I finally did something with it!  I hung this in our entryway.  It replaces a yellow and white wreath.  I always liked the wreath, until today.  After I replaced it, I showed my husband the new decor.  He loved the new clean, simple replacement.  I said "Oh, I think I'll just donate this wreath to the goodwill, but I think Grandma Elsie would like it".  He said, "That is EXACTLY why I'm glad you're taking it down".  Of course, we love Grandma Elsie, but she's 85 years old.....not exactly the "style" we want for our house.  HAHA

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