Friday, October 19, 2012


I made this card with my son, Jack.  He was so excited and helped me match up which dinosaur should be which color.  When we finished he asked if he could have the card.  I told him I needed it for something, but I'm actually just saving it to surprise him later.  He has quite a memory and will be so excited to receive it for some sort of good behavior.  Now, we just gotta wait for the good behavior.....tic, toc, tic toc.  HAHA  Anyway, the sketch and the color combo comes from the FTL211 challenge at Clean & Simple Stamping  I used my blender pen to do the shading on the dinosaurs.  Hard to tell in this picture, but the sentiment square has some added background color.  I tapped a toothbrush on the new foam ink pads and then just tapped it haphazardly on the paper.  Looks kinda cool in person.  Thanks for looking, have a great day!

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