Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!  I'm a huge fan of this fun holiday!  And it is so much more fun to see it through the eyes of my kids!  Here's the project my husband and I worked on all day on Saturday.  Jack insisted on being a "homemade" robot this year.  We had a great time putting this together.  Most of the stuff was from around the house.  The colorful "buttons" on the front actually light up!!  There's a battery pack on the inside of the box!  Also, we stripped the reflectors off of a couple old bikes too.  So here's a costume that will be safe as he walks around in the dark trick or treating!!

The helmet is (obviously) a mesh colander that we embellished with some jumbo brads to look like buttons.  I had some wire from a wreath project from last Christmas and just attached a bike reflector with some hot glue.  Check out the picture of the helmet close-up.  Laying on the floor behind Jack is a little Woody from Toy Story (Joey)!  The whole thing turned out pretty cute, I think!  And he got a ton of compliments at his parade at school!  I think that made him even more excited!
Stay tuned for a new card tomorrow.  Today is my dear friend and upline's birthday!  Happy Birthday Niki!! (Must be such a fun birthday to have!!)  I will see her tomorrow, so after that I can post her card.

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