Sunday, October 7, 2012

Everything Eleanor

Good morning! Today I'm sharing a card that I made as a set for a friend.  She needed Thank You cards and asked me to make them for her. Such a huge compliment, I think!  She gave me absolute freedom to choose what they looked like.  She didn't even care what colors.  This was one of those cards that I just kept adding elements too.  The distressing on the edges, the scroll stamp from Everything Eleanor in the background, pop up the sentiment, add some flowers and ta-da!  I love that process, where you just keep going.  Only problem is.....all those elements on a set of 12 cards.......UGGGHH  I was ready to be done, that's for sure!  But of course, you can't have one pretty one and 11 plain ones!  Hope you like it and I hope she liked it!


  1. Hi Alyssa,

    I'm sure that she loved them. They are beautiful. I can see why you were ready to be done with this project though. That is a lot of steps to complete!

    Peace, Love & Joy,


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